Donate & Volunteer


Your contributions will support our goal to provide housing and life skills education to vulnerable youth transitioning from Foster Care…

$1000 can support housing assistance for a month

$500 can assist with temporary homelessness during college breaks

$250 will stock a pantry for one month

$100 can support their transportation needs to work and school

Every dollar makes a difference

Donate Now

  • Please include name on one line and email on another line if you would like for us to notify a person of your donation.
  • Please include name on one line and email on another line if you would like for us to notify a person of your donation.

You may also purchase items for the household from our Amazon Wish List (coming soon)!  Thank you for your support of Compass Harbor!!!


Place a Donation Box at Your Business

Every dollar counts & adds up!  If you have a business or office that has foot traffic, ask for one of our Compass Harbor Donation Boxes!  All you have to do is put it in a prominent spot where your customers will see it.  One of our board members can collect donations monthly or bi-monthly so you don’t have to do anything else!   This is also a great way to let the public know about the non-profit & they will be glad to see your support of a great cause!

Host a House Party

Open up your home, ice down some drinks & lay out some chips & salsa!  Invite your friends, your co-workers, your book club or your golf buddies for a night in to benefit Compass Harbor.  This is a great opportunity to spread the word about our mission while raising funds.  We have many options for a great party listed on the Events page, so click there to find the best one for your group! 


Everyone has something valuable to share!  As part of our life skills program, we need experts like you to educate our youth.  Some of the skills we hope to cover are:

Finances & Budgeting

Tax Preparation

Cooking & Budgeting for Food

Career Exposure 

Interviewing Skills

How to Find Scholarships

Healthcare & Hygiene

…and many many more!  Contact Compass Harbor to see where your skills & talents can be utilized!

Join the Event Committee

Compass Harbor will host a large event that will take many willing hands!  If you like planning and executing a good party, join us for the fun!  Details coming, but its sure to be a blast!

Amazon Wish List (Coming Soon!)

The wish list on Amazon is a great way to get involved!  Share the link with your friends, and spread the word.

Attend Events

Some of the most fun support you can give is to attend our events!  The big and the small events all help raise more involvement & money.  Bring your friends and the knowledge of Compass Harbor Housing spreads!