About Us

How It All Started

Compass Harbor was created when it became clear that the need for housing and financial support is great among youth that are transitioning from Foster Care to adult life.  They are the most vulnerable to becoming homeless because they lack the support of a family and are not often equipped with the skills they need to become independent.

When they have a safe place to live, the financial resources for food and basic living expenses, and a network of supportive adults, they are better able to focus on pursuing their education and finding meaningful employment.

Board of Directors

Tim Osbon, Co-Chair

Barb Hornig, Co-Chair

Kathy Adams, Treasurer

Kathryn Cline, Secretary

Julianne Stokes

Ashley Dennig

Advisory Board

Jaime Lomas, Eggplant Events Production

Tina Thieme, Miracle Hill/Grace Church